I’ve felt genuinily overwhelmed lately – when you suffer with anxiety, great oppurtunities can gradyally feel daunting which often overrides the positive feelings of self accomplishments and enthusiasm. I’ve just started to give blogging a shot full time, something I  never imagined happened so soon and I still don’t really feel like I’ve digested this new life change. A couple week ago, I was still stuck in a job I hated, drudging through and I just wasnt enthusiastic about it anymore. I felt mentall exhausted and stuck in a constant state of limbo., while spare moments were spent worrying about the job I hated.

I can be very hard on myself. Partly due to the way I’m wired. In your twenties your social life is supposed to thrive in its peak. With only a few close friends, I’d say I hardly fit the ‘norm’ Since moving to NYC, I lost the urge to find a ‘social circle’ and currate friends. Rather I made a subcouscous choice to take ‘my time’ to prove to myself I was capable of taking control for one , instead of going with the flow and waiting to see what happens.

Eventually my job became a stress point for me. I felt utterly miserable and lost inspiration to crete the content for me. I arrived at a tipping point of having to choose to commit to living my life in the way that makes me happy. While entrusting oppurtunities will come along in which could financially sustain my direction.


Nessa x

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