The charm in sixties high-glamour fashion was so feline and sexy – mini skirts, fishnet stockings, handheld bags, and the teddy coat.

Fifties/sixties icons like Jane Birkin and Brigitte Bardot, embodies all that’s classic and timeless; a real dream.




A few of my style icons are Jane Birkin, Serge Gainsbourg and Jeanne Damas. Recently I’ve fallen more in love with Jeanne through Rouje. Such a carefree cool-girl style that never goes out of style. French brands have certainly pooled into the explore page on my Instagram. So this was quite an exciting purchase!


A favorite source for style for me often derives from fashion in film which has inspired the way I style my hair, to the everyday essentials hanging in my wardrobe…


Teddy coat like Tammi Terrell 



Think Jane Birkin and anything Jean Luc-Godard. A sixties essential for an early afternoon, late evening and everything in between. It’s fitting to think Rouje had Gainsbourg in mind while designing this dream jacket. I’d forever admire photos of Jeanne in her chic shearling coat and Brigitte Boots strolling through a french market, wishing I was wrapped up in my own.

Wearing this coat feels like a warm hug and great for a day when you look outside and not quite sure what you’ll get – you could wear a dress underneath or a thick jumper. The loose cut is perfect for layering during colder months.




I’m not someone who buys a new coat every season. My fall-winter wardrobe is comprised of good quality items which have lasted me years. I’ve wanted to add this sixties staple to my collection – in search of something as timeless a style as Jane Birkin. In short, the coat is a dream.

There’s something so feminine about a shearling coat unlike any other fur coat (faux was in mind).





In short, the perfect french boots. After long hours of strolling through photos of Jane Birkin, as mentioned, I’ve waited to add this classic peice to my wardrobe. I like boots that have a bit of a worn-in look. It brings a touch of comfort that adds confidence and seems to be a staple among the Parisian women on instagram… infinite inspo to me.

The Garance Boots are sure to be a staple in my wardrobe, four seasons in NYC.

While the color varries on camera, they’re a brown/grey taupe, as mentioned on Instagram. A lot of inquiry on these boots and Jacques jacket. Texture, color and shaft length all remind me of Jane Birkin which is something I love. The heel is sexy yet true enough for the metro and such nyc strolls. I feel they work well with a mini skirt, any fabulous denim and oversized blazer.


 A golden ‘R’ on the heels enhance the experience of wearing them. Admittedly I’ve spent a lot of time looking at them online and found they age beautifully. I like boots that have a bit of a worn-in look and feel they work well with a mini skirt, or any fabulous denim and teddy coat.

As fast as I tried these beauties on, I wore my french boots to the couch with an Anaïs Nin novel, then to Whole Foods soley for the blueberry scones. Truthfully, these boots are more comfortable than I expected – in fact quite comfortable to walk in. The leather photographs well, often shifting colors dependant upon the light – a huge bonus for me as I will definitley be styling these as much as I’m in love with them.



Living in New York City, there’s never a shortage of style inspo, but the sixties look is something I’m happy to emulate!



Boots: Rouje 

Teddy Coat: Rouje

Bag: Missmellilo


Perhaps even in NYC, one can be Parisian in Rouje.





Classic Jane Birkin in boots w/ Serge Gainsbourg




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