In honor of my birthday, I thought I’d put together a little post and fan out some thoughts   including the goals I have made for myslef, as another year older… dare I say ‘another year wiser.’

Learn: Styling for photog

Do: Swap novels for iphone at bedtime

Learn: How to get around without GPS

Do: Be a better listener

Learn: How taxes work… trying to avoid arrest by the IRS

Do: Develop self control *see: West Wing, Coffee, Seamless

Learn: How to dress (Am I the only one who wears the same thing every single day?)

Do: Start volunteering (Any NYC suggestions?)

Learn: C1 French

Do: Write and send more letters

Do: Buy holiday tickets to Naples and South of France

Do(n’t): Be afraid of that tall stack of to-read books

Learn: How to not panic over small talk

Do(n’t): Overplan and micromanage

Do: Acknowledge how far you’ve come

Do: Get around to starting the book club you’ve been talking about for months

Learn: How to be comfortable in my own skin

Do: Finish the script I’ve been working on


I can’t help but feel excited for a new year with the knowledge that I can leave behind anything I want and invite new oppurtunities and pleasures into my life. While just as appropriate any day of the year, refreshing has always felt magical on my birthday. Having my grandmothers close in my life has been a constant I am most grateful for.


Nessa x



 “Last to Leave” Joseph Lorusso @lorussoarts

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