The charm in sixties high-glamour fashion was so feline and sexy - mini skirts, fishnet stockings, handheld bags, and the teddy coat. Fifties/sixties icons like Jane Birkin and Brigitte Bardot, embodies all that's classic and timeless; a real dream.     A few of my style icons are Jane Birkin, Serge Gainsbourg and … Continue reading THE SIXTIES CALLED…



   A real romantic feel throughout the guilded halls of Yales gothic revival campus. The stained glass etched in the 8 ft windows. Steady sounds of papers rustling and foot steps echoing out into the courtyard. The smell of old books and coffee warms me. It's easy to write here where material flows most naturally. … Continue reading SUNDAY STROLL


Photograph series of things I love art, literature, collecting books, coffee shops, cinema, sixties icons, mid-century design Always with a coffee or book - NYC based with a past in film  I have a huge admiration for sixties icons and vintage films, something of a steady source of inspiration for me.  I enjoy weekends eating blueberries … Continue reading ABOUT